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About Us

   Our      Story

My name is Natasha, I work full time in the finance industry, I am a wife, mother of 4 and 1 of 7 siblings. 

My mother has 6 daughters and 1 one son. Growing up birthdays were special but humble. My mother always found ways to make us feel special by having family over and entertaining. I remember loving spending time with my cousins and aunts and relatives, just hanging out having a great time. However I mostly remember how busy my mom would be prepping, hosting and cleaning up after everyone. I would tell myself as a kid "I am going to make all my kids parties about spending time with the kids not just hosting".. Ofcourse that did not happen (wishful thinking). I love planning my kids parties. A lot of DIY and creating different themes with unique ideas. However I found myself like my mom, prepping for days, hosting all day, then cleaning up after. My friends and family would often ask for my help prepping so they can get a bit of a break and I quickly realized how convenient it would be to use some of my ideas and love of creating to help some of my fellow mommas. This way they are able to enjoy these moments with their little ones with a bit less stress. And so C3TeePee was born. 

                       How it works

1. Contact - Click our contact button to reach us with the following information:

Date of party


Number of guest

Chose from one of our themes or lets create your own vision

2. Follow up - We will contact you to go over;

Any additional questions

Terms and Conditions

3. Booked - A proposal will be sent with price, process and contract. Including deposit collection. 

4. Prep - Two weeks before event final payment will be collected. 

5. Event day - We bring the fun to you and you get to host and enjoy. 

6. Day after event - We come and take down the party so you can relax and collect pictures from all of your guests. 

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